Welcome to Korea Garden!

Welcome to Korea Garden Restaurant, one of Houston’s oldest Korean dining establishments. We invite you to a traditional Korean meal, in the midst of a beautiful garden and fountain setting. With over 30 years of experience, Korea Garden Restaurant has served and introduced Houston to authentic Korean food, ranging from grill-it-yourself BBQ, stews, and wide variety of kimchi.

K. G. Special GUI


BBQ YourSelf

It comes with marinated rib-eye, boneless short rip, spicy pork, chicken, pork belly, and jumbo shrimps with fresh vegetables.

Special Drinks


Soju Bomb

Korea traditional Alcohol which is called SOJU and mixed with any kind of beer

Kimchi Stew


Boiled kimchi, tofu, and vegetables stew

You can choose pork or vegetables

Dol Sot BiBimBab


TRY MIX YourSelf

Beef and seasoned vegetables with rice

served in a hot stone bowl


9501 Long Point RD Houston TX 77055


We’re open everyday

(Except Thanksgiving)