About Korea Garden

Since 1983, Korea Garden has informed Houstonians of Korean traditional cuisine as opening the Korean restaurant in Houston area. From the opening, only one Korean owner has managed Korea Garden for almost 35 years. The chef is also Korean, and she has been cooking Korean dishes for 20 years. The 4 kitchen staffs are Korean azummas who do their best of making the best dishes with the best groceries. We are always thinking about your well-being life with food. Please enjoy our excellent food and your unforgettable experience.

Korean Barbeque
Bulgogi literally "fire+meat", or Korean barbecue refers to the Korean method of roasting beef, pork, chicken, or other types of meat. Such dishes are often prepared at the diner's table on gas or charcoal grills that are built into the table itself.
Korean Stew

Jjigae (Korean pronunciation: [tɕ͈iɡɛ]) is a Korean dish similar to a Western stew. There are many different varieties but it is typically made with meat, seafood or vegetables in a broth seasoned with gochujang, doenjang, ganjang or saeujeot. Jjigae is typically served in a communal dish and boiling hot.

A Korean meal almost always includes either a jjigae or a guk (soup). In the Joseon Dynasty jjigae was called by the ancient name jochi and two varieties would always be present on the King's surasang.

The different types of jjigae are typically named according to their principal ingredients such as saengseon jjigae (fish stew) made from fish or dubu jjigae (tofu stew) made from tofu, or according to their broth and seasonings like gochujang jjigae (chili paste stew) or doenjang jjigae (soy bean paste stew).